Naruto Big/Reverse Bang

Current Round: 2023 Reverse Bang | Current Phase: Sign-ups


A Big Bang and/or a Reverse Bang is an event wherein authors and artists come together to create fanworks centred around their favourite characters, pairings, and universe.

Big Bang

Authors create stories, artists create accompanying artwork.

Reverse Bang

Artists create artwork, authors create accompanying stories.


Participants 18+
NSFW & Dead Dove Permitted


2023 Reverse Bang ScheduleSign-ups Open: Jan 01
Artist Sign-ups Close: Jan 31
Previews Due: Feb 01
Author Sign-ups Close: Feb 05
Claims: Feb 05
Check-in #1: Mar 01
Check-in #2: Apr 01
Check-in #3: May 01
Works Due: Jun 10
Posting Begins: Jun 15
Posting Ends: Jun 30

Tiers & Roles

Mini Tier

detailed sketch or
simple line work

Medium Tier

soft-cell shading
w/ simple background

Mega Tier

full colour illustration
w/ detailed background


During Big Bangs, authors will have total creative control of their story.During a Reverse Bang, authors will create a story to go with an artist's work.


During Reverse Bangs, artists will have total creative control of their artwork.During a Big Bang, artists will create artwork to go with an author's story.


Beta-readers will work with authors to help make their stories the best they can be.Beta-readers are only asked to work within their strengths and can refuse stories.

• Cosplay & craft options also available for artists, please contact the MOD through discord after signing-up to arrange custom tier & check-in requirements for your medium.
• Artists: if your art style doesn't fit within the requirements of the tier below, get in touch after signing-up to arrange custom bench-marks for your tier and check-ins.


• Discord is required of all participants.
• All participants must be 18+
• NSFW/Dead Dove is permitted.
• You may sign-up for several roles/tiers.
• Zero harassment/bashing/discrimination.
• Check-ins are mandatory.
• Flexible check-ins, tier drop-downs, and drop-outs are always available.
• Silent drop-outs will be banned from future participation, you must get in touch with a MOD.
• Works must be able to be read/viewed as stand-alone works, but can be part of larger stories.
• Works must be created specifically for the event.


Q: I need to drop out/drop down a tier/get an extension, what do I do?
A: No problem! Just get in touch one of three ways: @ the mod in your collaboration channels, DM the mod, or stop by the #questions channel.
Q: I don't want to work on ____ content, will I have to?
A: Absolutely not! Everyone will be asked to list their DNWs during preview submissions and claims. You will not be assigned a work that contains anything on your DNW list.
More detailed information will be available on the event Discord server. If you have a question you'd like answered before signing-up, please ask via tumblr or twitter (linked at the bottom of this page).